The FUCK JAZZ OVERDRIVE is a premium overdrive designed with and for the mighty PhilX.
This is an amazing tone tool that give his best pushing hard a breakup head or combo.
The tone section is a mix of Active (Bottom) and Passive (TOP) filter able to set your perfect Tone on any amps. Class A buffer bypass ensures no signal loss.

Designed by Carlo Sorasio and the man himself, Phil X as the result of three intense years of designing and comparing with the most iconic overdrives, to develop a whole new sonical experience.

Plenty of Gain to get BIG crunch sound on any clean amp, with a new custom two EQ circuit to fine-tune the overall response (not mids or low end cutting overdrive) and featuring Shitty/Great Amps selector.

The FJOD uses the LAA-CUSTOM TrueCoil technology, a miniaturized output transformer and Class AB driver to achieve the magical tone, feeling and colour of best studios and iconic studio mic preamps.


True Coil is a LAA-CUSTOM technology directly derived from pro audio gear like mic preamp using output transformer and class AB driver circuit. 
True Coil affect the tone giving more punch and a superior dynamic response plus a really musical texture on the mids. 
Shitty/Good switch allow to bypass or not the output transformer, in Shitty mode the transformer is in and give some extra punch plus a different feeling.

Sample setting

LAA-CUSTOM di C. Sorasio
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