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Carlo Sorasio
Founder & CEO

LAA Custom was founded in 2007 by Carlo Sorasio, in the heart of Italian innovation, the city of Turin.

“Laboratorio Audio Artigianale” is dedicated to developing the highest quality instruments to become the voice that carries our artists’ message. In its DNA is embedded the craftmanship and creativity of Italy. LAA Custom draws on the same sense of tradition exhibited in exquisite winemaking with its dedication to the purest analog tones. It also draws on the same engineering and innovation that is behind the world’s most desirable high-performance cars.

As with winemaking and supercars – the best performance and quality is delivered through the craftman’s hands, and here Carlo ensures that technique and craftmanship are carefully delivered in all LAA Custom’s instruments, as demonstrated with LAA’s ‘True Coil’ Technology.

Although a boutique manufacturer of quality amps and effects, LAA Custom has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the industry – whether manufacturers like Dunlop or artists like Stevie Salas, PhilX, Devin Townsend and Steve Stevens.

From the beginning...

Our Story

2001 - Education

Carlo Sorasio attended the Mechanical Engineering faculty of Polytechnic of Torino.

Graduated in 2007 with valuable experience acquired during his time at the University and equipped with a Methodology that focuses in analyzing the “whole problem” and creating the best solving system. This method would help him later on, to develop his products.

2003 - Curiosity

Development of the first Pedal Effect prototype for his own use.

With basic knowledge of electronics, Carlo found some schematics on internet and decided to build his own pedal.
The result was inexplicably amazing.

2004 - Passion ignition

First attempt of building a tube amp.

Carlo discovered the enjoyment of building gear to boost his music. His true passion had officially been born.

2005 - Learning

Acquiring knowledge and skills to Develop Audio Gear.

Carlo wanted to learn more about electronics and to improve his skills he spent two years of his life in the University’s Library learning from FIAT and RAI (Radio/TV Italia) engineers and making prototypes of his ideas.

2006 - Online Guru

Carlo spent a lot of time answering and sharing information on Guitar forums.

Carlo was very passionate about audio and gear, he invested a lot of time to learn about sound, so back in 2006 he became an online expert on Italian’s Guitar Forums, answering questions and sharing information with fellow guitar players.

2007 - Entrepreneurship

LAA Custom was founded with the launch of Blues Devil, Pink Wall, Gain Box & 18th.

With all the illusion and confidence in his craftmanship Carlo Sorasio launched 4 pedal effects models under his own brand.

2008 - Friendship

Our First amp was released, the Dual Mono. Tested, Loved and adopted by the legendary guitar player Stevie Salas.

Stevie Salas was playing in Torino and met Carlo Sorasio in a gig, Carlo asked him to test his handcrafted amp, Stevie tested it and after the gig, Stevie exchanged his amp for Carlo’s Dual Mono since then Stevie has made it his favorite amp.

2009 - Ambassador

Stevie Salas became our best ambassador.

Stevie Salas is a true fan of Carlo’s sound and charisma, so he started introducing LAA Custom to well-known artist all over the world and spreading the word about the Italian Guru.

2010 - Success

LAA Custom products are well accepted and we decided to improve and redesign the entire Line to made them smaller.

We made smaller and smarter versions of The Blues Devil, Pink Wall, Gain Box and introduced some new models.

2011 - Networking

Stevie Salas introduced Carlo’s innovation to other artists and Jimi Dunlop.

Stevie Salas wants to share Carlo’s sound with the entire world.

2012 - Expansion

Carlo travelled to London to meet Jimi Dunlop in a meeting arranged by Stevie Salas.

Jimi Dunlop tries four pedals, the last one, a prototype of “Il Torino” got his eye, at that moment a successful relationship had started.

2013 - Collaboration

Carlo was Guest designer for Jim Dunlop Manufacturing.

Jimi Dunlop was impressed with Carlo’s sound, so he signed him for a worldwide collaboration in the development of Custom Shop Pedal effects.

2014 - Made in Italy

Launching of the MXR® IL TORINO™ OVERDRIVE by Jim Dunlop.

Carlo Sorasio’s “Il Torino Overdrive -named in honor to his hometown- was proudly presented by Jim Dunlop, designed in Italy and built in the USA.

2015 - Meeting The industry

LAA Custom exhibit at NAMM Show in Anaheim, California, for the first time, a new collaboration with Devin Townsend started there.

Once again Carlo ask the artist to test one his amps, and instantly, the heavy metal artist was in love with the sound.

2016 - The Sequel

Launch of “Il Diavolo” by Jim Dunlop.

After “Il Torino Overdrive” with Jim Dunlop, “Il Diavolo Overdrive” was develop for the Custom Shop line.

2017 - Inspiration

LAA Custom new location inspired the development of the “True Coil Technology” featured in the Serie81 launched that year + Development of 1964 T.A.E

LAA Custom moved the Laboratory to a multidisciplinary working space, where a photo studio, art gallery, clothing designer and other disciplines inspire us to produce innovative products like our True Coil Technology. This same year Carlo Sorasio partnered with Guitar Player Danny Gomez from Spain to develop the 1964 T.A.E in the exact way that Danny had in his mind. This same year, the Blues Devil was discontinued after 10 years in the market.

2018 - International

Launch of - Bon Jovi’s guitar player- Phil X Signature Pedal featuring True Coil Technology + Two new ambassadors of our Series81: Steve Stevens and Mike Keneally + Summer release of Poison’s guitar player Blues Saraceno signature Pedal.

After various prototypes until the pedal met Phil’s requirements, the first 100 units of the Phil X Signature Pedal were launched, signed by Phil himself. The great Billy Gibbons requested the Phil X Pedal. This year we had the privilege of meeting Billy Idol’s guitar player Steve Stevens and the great Mike Keneally who instantly included our Series81 pedals to their rig. Commissioned by Massive Unity we developed the Blues Saraceno Signature Pedal.

2020 - PO22 Combo & Covid

LAA-CUSTOM Introduce the new combo PO22. Small, light, pedal friendly but with enought power for any live and studio gig.

2020 will be reminded in history mainly for the Covid, but we prefer to remember with the PO22 and the great success of it for who want to play live music with small gear and huge Tone!!

2022 - SmartSwitcher

Here it is! A ground-breaking new concept in the field of pedalboard management – the LAA Custom SmartSwitcher is an advanced effect loop switcher, controlled by a remote footswitch unit and programmed via Bluetooth using an intuitive app on any mobile device.

It brings together the functionality of a high-end switcher, a wirelessly-operated footswitch unit to control it, and a dead-simple mobile app interface to enable easy-programming and total flexibility in the sequence of your pedalboard. Bringing together all these elements in a single, simple package is a true revolution – finally making it possible to get the absolute best out of your effects and enabling you to create countless new sounds.

LAA-CUSTOM di C. Sorasio
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