Series 81

The PN81 is raw fuzz or distortion pedal with lots of characther and gain. With the standard three knobs interafce it is quick to set-up and it is highly recommended for a high gain, big, screaming lead and works perfect for heavy rock rhythm and solos.

Discrete Class AB circuit driver and a True Coil output transformer are the distinctive sign of the Series81.

PN81 Block

The PN81 is a four stage fuzz distotion, the three knobs allow a quick and easy set-up.

PN81 is true bypass, but when on the output impedance is very low and able to drive long cables without any tone loss. The output transformer give an unique flavour to the sound: gentle high treble and massive and defined low end.

We raccomend to try higher voltage than 9VDC for enhance the dynamics and touch response.


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