Series 81

The NV81 is a buffer/boost based on class AB driver and true output transformer, with a variable gain recovery called COLOR that can be used for recovery the signal loss or give strenght to the original signal (0-3.5dB).

CN81 Block

The output impedance is very low and able to drive long cables without any tone loss. The output transformer give an unique flavour to the sound: gentle high treble and massive and defined low end.

Switched “ON”, the NV81 delivers up to 19dB clean boost. the tone control “COLOR” is always engaged, enhancing the overall gain to the setting of choice.

The NV81 can be used for both guitar and for bass, as the frequency response is flat from 20Hz and up. Position the NV81 at the start of a pedal chain to boost the other pedals, or alternatively, place the NV81 at the end of the effects chain to boost the input stage of the amplifier. Try it also as last before the Return (Amp Loop effects) for push your solo. The NV81 is a buffered bypass the output transformer is always on for give his unique color.

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