The PO50 Head is a 2 channel all tube guitar ampflier that covers all tones from a open clear clean with incredible dynamicsm able to work awesome with pedals, to a powerful crunch and massive distortion  with rich harmonics and body with a knockout punch.

The PO50 is loaded with 5 12AX7 and 2 EL34 and delivery 45W in the HIGH mode and 20W in the LOW mode (variac mode). 
The output transformer (TRUE COIL custom designed) is shaped around the old '70 Drake for delivery a full and complex tone.
In the LOW mode, the power supply is reconfigured for a B+ around 300VDC and the Bias is autoscaled.
The EL34 work always in pentode mode ensuring a granite and fast sound across all frequencies.

PO50 Head front panel

PO50 Head Back Panel


  • Normal Ch: From a pure and sparkly clean to a very punchy British crunch, thanks to the Classic/Modern and Bright switches.
  • Overdrive Ch: The holy grail of tube overdrive: harmonically rich with impressive presence, punch and dynamics at every gain level;
  • Feedback knob: It can drastically change the voice of the power amp, for a big difference in tone and dynamics. From UK to USA in one knob!


  • Technology: All Tube signal path;
  • Channels: Normal, Overdrive;
  • Wattage: Hi mode 40W RMS; Low mode 20W RMS (internal variac)
  • Controls: Normal, Overdrive, Treble, Mid, Bass, Normal Level, Overdrive Level, Presence, Depth, Feedback;
  • Dimension (LxDxH): 18,5 x 8 x 8 inch;
  • Weights: 12 Kg;
    Can fit in 3U rack space with adaptors.

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