The Italian Wah is our vision of the long history between Italy and the Wah pedals. We are proud to declare that is the first wah MADE IN ITALY since '80.

The whole project is based around our version of the HALO inductor, designed in three years of test, comparisons and prototypes.
We want a wide sweep clear response wah effect without any volume drop and a complete compatibility with external pedals.
The Italian Wah is true bypass, for keep your signal path clean when the pedal is off, but before and after the wah circuit we add an high impedance input buffer and a high impedance output driver with the output level setting. In this way you can use your preferred fuzz pedal in front or after the Italian Wah without any issue.
We use the original enclosure, provided by Dunlop and made in California with a customized copper plated top and an adjustable clutch. We provide all the internal circuit and the custom winded HALO inductor.

The Italian Wah is fully customizable by the user for best match the tonal response.

Acting on dip switch and trimmer on the PCB board is possible to select the frequencies sweep, the low end response, the mids texture and the output level. 

These quick adjustments allow the user to set the Italian Wah as a custom-made suit. You can select between five main setting: Treble, Vintage, Classic, Modern, Bass.

Italian Wah Iductor

Specification and Internal setting

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