True Coils Pickups

From an humbucker pickup we want to achieve a bigger tone and full spectrum response than single coils with the same touch response. Our humbuckers line is developed to accomplish that, selecting carefully the materials and designing our winding patterns. 

We don't want to recreate any mythological model, but design this new line with our voice.

single magnets

Alnico 5 or 2

Detailed and dynamics with one custom made Alnico 5 or 2 magnets, unbalanced coils and custom winding patterns for a full response on the bottom, focused mids and gentle highs.

Can be winded in three level of output:
LOW around 7kOhms 
MID around 7.8kOhm
HIGH around 8.5kOhm

Zebra or Black; 50mm or 52mm spaced, AWG42 Polysol

They can cover from jazz to classic rock and hard rock

dual magnets

Alnico 5 & 2

Out most powerfull and fatter humbuckers, using a big Alnico5 magnets associated with a smaller Alnico2 magnets we are able to carefully blend the attack of the Alnico5 with the sweetness on the high treble of the Alnico2.

Can be winded in two different patterns:
CLASSIC - AWG42 - average 8k5/9kOhm
MODERN - AWG43 - average 9k5/10kOhms

Zebra or Black; 50mm or 52mm spaced

From '78 to nowadays Tone!!

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